MakerMask Collection


Collection of masks designed by engineers from the Helpful Engineering Project. Made from nonwoven material often found in cheap reusable grocery bags.



  • Non-woven polypropylene - Found in wraps and many reusable bags (wash the bags prior to use)
  • Elastic cording, Long Hair Elastics, Sewing Elastic. Cloth Ties work too.


  • Needle and thread
  • Pipe cleaners or coated paper clips
  • Scissors

Assembly Instructions

Designs from the Helpful Engineering project include

  • The Surge, a simple pleated mask
  • The Cover, designed to cover a respirator mask
  • The Fit, a mask that attempts to pass a fit test.

We are an open community of volunteers without a commercial purpose. We believe that through a utilitarian approach, we can do the most good in the quickest time. Applying unused engineering and manufacturing resources, we can help the world cope with the threat of COVID-19.



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