You can help.

You can take action right now to fight the shortage of personal protective equipment in MA/RI and beyond.

3D Print


You make the prints and get them to us. We will turn them into PPE and get them to health care workers.


Currently needed parts:

Prints should be made in PETG or PLA. For printing details, refer to the print guide written by our experts. If you have a specific question, you can join us on Slack.


When you're done plastic printing, paper print and fill out this form. Seal it in a bag with your prints.

3D Print Documentation Form

If you cannot paper print, write the information on a piece of paper and include with your prints


Arrange Pickup in MA/RI Area

Fill out this Donation Form and we will contact you for pickup.

In Boston Metro?

Contactless drop-off available if you're able.

40 Aspinwall Ave, Brookline, MA 02446

Hours: Tuesday and Friday 8-10 AM Only

Leave prints on the table. Someone will get them shortly. For health reasons, please do not come inside.

This service made possible by hard work from:

Other Locations

If you're outside the MA/RI area, you can still help print by connecting with these organizations.

West Coast - #OpShieldsUp

OpShieldsUp is accepting mailed-in prints and getting PPE in the hands of doctors in CA.

Anywhere - Masks For Docs

Join MasksForDocs on Slack to see what donation and volunteer options are available in your community.



MakeMasks is working overtime to make a million community produced masks. They especially like the Clover. You can find them at MakeMasks.Org


Drive for us

We need people willing to do contactless pick up and drop off of items from printers to makers and health care workers. If you can dedicate a few hours to drive, contact [email protected]


Make PPE at Scale

Do you have a maker space or light manufacturing capacity? I'm especially looking for people who can sew gowns/suits/caps/booties, assemble emergency arduino/gear based vents, mix WHO Hand Sanitizer, or CnC Plexiglass CovidBoxes. If you have a shop or space, we can probably use it. Contact me at [email protected] .

Donate Commercial PPE

If you have commercial protective equipment (n95 masks, sanitizer wipes, gloves, gowns, tyvek suits, etc) contact MasksForDocs and they will get it to health care workers near you.

Donate Materials

If you have elastic, plastic film, report covers, PET-G/PLA Filament, bleach, or cotton fabric we can turn it into protective equipment.

Fill out this Donation Form . We will arrange to pick it up.

Donate Money

If you want to contribute to large projects like injection molding, bulk purchases that keep our local chapters producing equipment, and shipping costs - contribute to MasksForDocs.